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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Monday, Monday

So good to me, Ba da! ba da da da ba

Well, it wasn't that good, but what the hey. Just thought I should sign in to say hello. Nothing unusual to report, no great inspirations. Just a routine winter's day in Richmond. Started out sleeting, turned to snow which turned to rain. There's a cold mist covering everything now, no fun for anyone. Just once I'd like to see a blanket of snow, a few days with a magical white carpet. Even broken down streets and dingy sidewalks would look pretty for a day or two. Snow is generally an unpleasant thing after the initial shock wears off. It freezes, it melts, it refreezes, turn gray, then black, but that's not what I think about when it's snowing. I think, How pretty. I get excited and want to run out and play, build a snowman, go sledding or just go watch families and kids as they celebrate the season. Alas, there is no season here, Today it's just damp and bone chilling cold. Dog walks are short and businesslike and fortunately Sam is cooperative. Out the door, down the elevator, out the front door, down one block to the bank with it's small patch of grass, No. 1, No. 2, a quick pick up, then back where we came from. Dog's in the city can be cool. They make for nice accessories and Sam makes for an interesting character. I think of him as a wooly cocker. He reminds me of a aging, chubby hippy. The hair on his head is unkempt no matter how often it is brushed. HIs ears make no sense at all, but they give him a certain cache'. The rest of him is covered with two or three inches of fur, making him the most confortable dog in the city. I almost hate to ruin the look and I won't, at least for another few weeks, but once spring takes hold it all going to go, well most of it anyway. I'll get him looking like a cocker for a little while anyway. He's currently the world biggest mop head. I'd like to pick him up and throw him in the washer about once a week, I won't go that far, but his day is coming,... soon.

Good news, a new restaurant in the neighborhood. A little West African soul food place. It's a little bit of home cooking, right down the street and it's reasonably priced. I hope they make it, it's kind of lonely down there, but they have a reputation and a customer base from their previous location. Every little bit helps. I'me hopeful. Now if we could get a cozy little coffeehouse to open nearby, we'd really be in business. I'm almost tempted to open one myself. All I need is a little money and a whole lot of hard work.

Well, nuffs enough. Time for bed. There's always something else, but there's always tomorrow too.

Good night.

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