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Monday, May 02, 2005

Belle Island at Sunrise

Belle Island sets in the middle of the James River. Some visionary was crazy enough to propose building a footbrige to the island that is suspended beneath the Lee Bridge. Just getting there is a thrill as you walk 50 feet over the water on a suspended concrete walkway. It is actually quite safe, there are 4 foot railings on both sides to make you feel secure. The walk takes you from the edge of downtown to a semi wild and desolate place full of ghosts. In it's time it has played host to an Indian settlement, a horse track, a civil war POW camp where thousands suffered and many died, a powerplant with two dams and a steel mill, who's remains are shown in the photo. Today it is a public park and quick escape from the urban rat race. There are turbulent rapids on both sides and whitewater rafters and kayaks are a commons sight. I find it a wonderful place and one of my favorites in Richmond. When I first saw itI was so excited my eyes bugged out of my head. Brandy (my dog) and I were frequent visitors. I remember my first time there. It was a sunny warm day in January and many people turned out to take advantage of this brief reprieve from winter. It was a day to make you smile and most people did. I was new in town and reveled in the friendly vibe. I felt sure I had made the right decision in coming to Richmond.
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