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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Mayor and the Budget

(Email sent 6/7/05 verbatim below)

Vice Mayor Loupassi and Assistant Vice Mayor Jackson,

I just wanted to express my outrage at the actions of the Mayor and my support of the City Council. I am simply shocked at the Mayor's behavior. I can't explain and don't even want to try. His actions are reflecting very poorly on the City he professes to serve. I had misgivings about him before he was elected, but I never imagined he would act the way he has. I was hoping he would be a unifying force. As you know this City is poised for greatness. I grieve for the damage the Mayor is doing. There are certainly people who are no friends of this City who are enjoying our turmoil. The Mayor has been in office 6 month's now. I worked in management long enough to recognize that people rarely stray from the behavior they start out with. If he were my employee, he would be fired. In a sense he works for all of us. I think his recent actions border on criminal. He's a distinguished man and I hate to attack him, but the future of our City is at stake. Please continue your good work on behalf of the citizens of this City and pass my compliments along to the entire City Council.


Paul Hammond
Downtown Richmond, VA

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