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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Photo worth a thousand words

I have had a rush of ideas lately, so much so that they have slipped through my mind like a sieve. The effort and energy needed to convert these thoughts into action, or at least words on a page has been lacking. I try to file them away, because they are such good ideas, but they are just dust in the wind as one day we will be too. Not to say all is worthless, but thoughts are just things, not to be taken too seriously. They should be valued for their pleasure or practicality, but not viewed as a burden to be carried. The good ones will return, at least some of them will.

If this is making less and less sense as it goes on, then so be it. I'm tuckered out and it's time to rest my mind. Here's a picture for your trouble that I actually worked on. I'm no Picasso of the Pixels, but the effort does show. Enjoy.

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