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Friday, October 05, 2007

Richmond seeks to develop public marina - News - inRich.com

Rockett's Landing creeps towards the City:

The Rockett's Landing development is poised to finally cross the border into the city of Richmond. Should Mayor Wilder finally decide to do something useful he could address the choke hold boundaries that have left virtually all the land prime for development outside of the city limits. This is the number one economic development issue that has kept Richmond frozen within it's borders as they were at during the 1960's. Perhaps the most short sited and self centered political move in modern urban history. Combined with the Dillon Rule has effectively isolated the city of Richmond politically, economically and racially.

My lack of understanding of the vageries and implications of the Dillon rule is something that needs to change. It always seem to lurk in the background and haunt any discussion of political reform and urban renewal.

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