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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Faces of War

This picture represents to me the face of the war in Iraq. It makes no judgements about who is right or wrong or whether this is a just war. It just shows the unpeakable horror that is visited upon children who have no blame whatsoever. There are a few faces that will stay with me forever and this is one of them. Unlike Patricia, this young Iraqi boy who will never forget what he saw. The two must almost be the same age, so alike in one way and so different in almost every other.

Skip the article and listen to the audio clips of Iraqi Christian prayer and song. It's hard to believe that anything so beautiful remains in a country so badly ravaged by civil war. The cruel irony is that a war launched on behalf (yes, that's what I said) of a predominantly muslim nation by an ostensibly Christian nation has resulted the the near destruction of a Christian population that has survived 20 centuries of hardship. Now tell me that we don't owe these people something.

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