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Monday, January 28, 2008

Abolish the RPS - Part 2

I've decided that the ill mannered SB, known here as "Anonymous" has made some valid points to which I would like to respond.

  1. your rhetoric gets in the way of your points (SB)

    This is a fair criticism. Falling in love with your own "rhetoric" is a common mistake many writers make. The point isn't how clever you can be, its how well you communicate your point.

  2. Its one thing to advocate changing a corrupt system, its another to abolish Richmond public schools altogether (SB)

    You are correct, they are two different things.

  3. Sure, a regional approach would be favorable. Too bad the counties don't want it. (SB)

    So you agree with my suggestion after all. If you reread my post carefully you will note:

    Nevertheless regional cooperation shouldn't be an unattainable goal simply because it is difficult. Sometime only difficult things are worth doing.

  4. "ADA is a national law now for good reason". (SB)

    This is an example of my "rhetoric" getting in my way. My post really wasn't about the ADA, so let's discuss that some other time. My point was to empower neighborhoods and parents and get the Federal Government out of local education.

  5. "it sounds like you are the one who is obsessed with race. Not RPS" (SB)

    This is a total non-sequitor. Where did I say the RPS was obsessed with race? The fact is that the RPS is 80% black. The underperformance of the RPS disproportionately affects black children.

    Or was this a back door way of saying I am a racist.

Those we SB's points, here are mine.

Abolishing the RPS would

  1. be the simplest, cheapest way of reforming the RPS.

  2. eliminate the education penalty paid by families will to move into the city.

  3. save enormous amounts of money by removing unnecessary bureaucracy and taking advantage of economies of scale.

  4. help unify the metropolitan area.

  5. vastly improve the image of Richmond. It would be the home of two award winning school systems.

  6. eliminate a "separate and unequal" school system.

  7. give bloggers one less thing to complain about.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to sign your comments in the future.

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Anonymous said...

I am "anonymous" because for some reason I am having trouble getting my google sign-on to work on your site.
If that makes me "nefarious" in your eyes, so be it.

I am glad you agree with me on no. 2, and yes, I agree with you on no. 3.

I guess you are just like most of Richmond in that you do not want to acknowledge ADA as a priority. I find that very troubling.

I suggest there would be more interest in ADA and the state of school buildings if most of the students were white. In fact, these issues would be me more of a priority for the City- more so than baseball diamonds and opera houses.

Paul Hammond said...

I've dropped nefarious in favor of "ill mannered" which I think is more accurate. If you can't sign in, simply use a nick name or identify yourself in the body of your comment.

Again the back door accusation of racism and a complete ignorance (used as a verb) of the itemized benefits of my proposal.

Mephisto Phil said...

Too bad the pen is the weapon of choice these days. I'd pay money to see you two dual at dawn. I'm sure there are others in the blogging community that would like to see that as well.

Anonymous said...

"Ill-mannered"? Oh heavens me, I will never get that invite to the country club. Honestly, in "genteel" Richmond society I consider that a compliment.

I never called you a racist, I just said you seemed obsessed with race. You can keep trying to put words in my mouth, but I am not going to take the bait that easy.

Let me know when you want to discuss ADA in RPS instead of "abolishing" them.

Paul Hammond said...

Another time and another place Scott. We are starting to annoy the neighbors.

Perhaps if you signed your posts in any way you would seem less "ill mannered", but I'm OK with it since your comments are instantly recognizable.

Bookstore Piet said...

I like the idea of a duel. Paintball on the steps of city hall during rush hour. Loser picks up the tab at Capital Ale House...

Not noticing any issue with posting...

Paul Hammond said...

I'm not sure about paintball. My childhood experience in warfare was limited to toy guns, self generated sound effects and snowball fights.

Should the blizzard of '08 ever arrive I suggest the world's (Richmond's) largest snowball fight. Let's meet in Monroe Park. I'll be there early stockpiling snowballs, building fortifications and picking off innocent pedestrians.

Tom Christoffel said...
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