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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Council at Work

Sierra Club Falls of the James: "Richmond City Councilmen Hilbert and Jewell have introduced ... a strong statement of opposition to the proposed coal-fired power plant in Wise County, Virginia."

I wish the Richmond City Council and all other councils would stick to the business they were elected for, but it much easier to meddle in the affairs of others than to do the city's business. God knows I don't want another coal plant anywhere, but I do want the lights to come on when I flip the switch. Perhaps the people of Wise County (363 miles SW of here) would like the jobs and revenue that would pay for schools, ADA compliance and other pressing needs of a not so prosperous region. Eco-tourism doesn't pay for everything.

This ranks up there with Rudy McCollum establishing his own foriegn policy a few years back. Recently City Council passed an ordinance restricting "chaining" of dogs to one hour. No mention was made of the thousands of dogs cooped up alone in houses waiting for their owners.

Well that's sure to piss someone off. Fire away, Scott.

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Bookstore Piet said...

Reading through your posts you seem to take a bit of issue with the ADA. Currently having a bit of fun with those requirements myself (won't repeat here just read 'why henrico hates me' post on my blog). You may enjoy a Penn & Teller Bullsh*t episode on the subject. They make a very good point of the amount of money spent compared to how few benefit. It's both funny and sad and will make you look funny at some of the people who actually use the 'handicapped' parking spots.

Scott said...

Paul, Paul, Paul, what are we going to do with you, man?

First of all, look at how this new coal plant proposal is bilking VIRGINIA taxpayers, which, last time I checked, includes Richmond taxpayers.

Second, consider how much of the rail in RIchmond is choked with coal trains rushing back and forth, leaving coal dust everywhere. Its wasteful. I wish there were more room for passenger rail.

Third, consider how important it is for the health of our state that air quality is maintained. Maybe you don't care, but many citizens do and understand the link between more coal and asthma rates.

In short, this is very much a Richmond, Virginia issue. I read your profile and wonder how you can refuse to acknowledge that.

Paul Hammond said...

Scott, Scott, Scott (see I can say it three times too)

Once again you miss the point which is that this is none of City Council's business, but let me respond to your points or try.

1. I know nothing about how this is bilking VIRGINIA taxpayers, but isn't that an issue the the Legislature? They are right down the street.

2. This coal plant is in the middle of the coal fields. Why would they ship coal through Richmond to Wise County?

3. You said it, this IS a State issue.

I want the City Council to do what they were elected to do, which is take care of the City of Richmond. I can express my own opinion on coal fired powerplants nearly in Kentucky. So can you.

Antigone said...

In 2007 the General Assembly unanimously passed a re-regulation bill regarding Dominion Virginia Power. This bill gives them the right to charge VA ratepayers for any expenses and guarantees a profit to Dominion, out of OUR pockets. That is how our state legislature has handled the situation.

Dominion plans to charge VA ratepayers the entire $1.85 billion cost for the Wise county coal plant. The Dept. of Energy just backed out of a deal on a coal plant in Illinois because it would cost too much. That one cost $1.8 billion. Dominion doesn't have to worry about how much it will cost because they get that money from us, with a guaranteed profit to boot (a whopping 14% in this case). But that's not the only thing the VA ratepayers get to pay for. Both Sen. Warner and Rep. Boucher of VA say that global warming legislation is coming, it is imminent. Whatever form it takes will include a system of carbon tax where companies will have to pay for the amount of carbon they spew into the air. But Dominion doesn't have to worry about that either. They get to charge us for the cost of carbon as well. In short, they get the profits and we get the risks.

VA is ranked LAST in the nation for investment in energy efficiency and conservation. Dominion could save us all a lot of money and a lot of pollution by focusing on these options. Because they have done almost nothing in these areas to date there is plenty for them to do, enough to not need this plant. The resolution asks Dominion to focus on efficiency and conservation precisely because it will affect every ratepayer in the state.

How do you feel about having to pay to build the plant, their profits, and also for the aftermath? Me? I call that bilking Virginia taxpayers.

Paul Hammond said...

I'm not arguing the facts. No doubt all you say is true. I haven't followed this issue. I AM for energy efficiency, conservation, alternative energy, fewer cars, less roads, more mass transit, walkable neighborhoods, higher(!) gas taxes, simpler lifestyle, God AND Family.

I am not for City Council making decision on my behalf and on behalf of the citizens of Wise County regarding a coal plant 400 miles away.

You got a problem with your legislator, go punch him in the nose. He or she is working right down the street. If its a woman, just tell her she's got wrinkles and her clothes suck or maybe you should just vote for somebody else.

Paul Hammond said...

p.s. Now go read River City Rapids and harass Jon.

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