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Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't Panic

River City Rapids...

It seems a bit of overkill to have to respond on my blog to someone else's, but given the no comment policy elsewhere I have little choice.

RCR, while rehashing old issues of the CDA financing of parking decks, claims there will be "major panic" when the National Theater opens and there's no place to park. Need I remind them that most concerts take place at night while daily downtown handles as many as 50,000 commuters without panic. Almost all 50,000 go home at 5:00 leaving tens of thousands of parking spaces.

Mr. Baliles (note the proper use of last name), also suggests, albeit tongue in cheek, that it might be better to take the bus. I happen to think this is an excellent suggestion, especially after our new trolley system is running. He adds "But hey, won't it be great to see people walking around downtown?!?"

Why, yes it will be.

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Unknown said...

Yea, but most of those spaces you are talking about are down by the banks and Jmaes Center. I went to the VCU game last year in the CAA tourney and it was packed and parking was a mess. If those other places have stuff on the same night it will be crazy.

Plus if they told us they would build whatever then they shoud deliver!

Paul Hammond said...

Two words, shuttle busses,

One more, planning.

City life is full of little inconveniences. It always will be. It's our job to make that as little as possible. With leadership and creativity, we should be able to handle a small crisis like this, though we are sorely lacking in the leadership department.

Of course they should deliver, but it's not time to panic. Let's show a little perspective.

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