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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Head in Ass Syndrome

Andrew Someone (I didn't catch his last name) from the Pew Research Center blamed racism for the innacuracy of the NH polls. Defending the institution, he blamed white upper class women among others of being afraid to admit that they would not vote for a black man (Barack Obama, white mother, African father). He neglected to mention all those people who voted for Obama specifically because he was a black man out of some misguided idea that this makes them better people (the white ones).

It couldn't be that people just hate pollsters. It couldn't be that they are a monstrous waste of time and undermine democracy. It couldn't be that they are full of shit. No, it was racism. It just proves how far up your ass you can stick your head.

This was reported on the BBC America World News just now, but I can't find a link to the story.

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Anonymous said...

Read the Style weekly article on this well-known phenomenon:

Paul Hammond said...

Good article, thanks for the comment.

I hate polls. IMHO they are undemocratic and seek to influence the election. "Vote for me because I'm ahead." Who cares. The only poll that counts is taken on election night.

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