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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let Sheila Do The Talking

In a first for the Mayor, he has turned over his entire newsletter to CAO Sheila Hill-Christian who sounded more like a press secretary than a Chief Administrative Officer.
She stuck to the party line that this was all the Braves fault and had they only gone along with the original renovation plans, none of this would be happening. Little mention was made of the culpability of the "previous administration", the Mayors traditional favorite whipping boy. I guess after three years that old saw won't cut any more.

Mayor's Visions Newsletter: "When the Braves first indicated their desire for an improved facility around 2003, the City along with Chesterfield and Henrico were ready to sign an $18.5 million agreement to renovate The Diamond. Officials were willing to make this commitment in spite of ongoing concerns about public support and game attendance rates.

The Diamond's renovation plan was quickly derailed when local Braves officials persuaded numerous business and community members and former city officials to look at building a ballpark in Shockoe Bottom. Funding for that idea never appeared, and it is my understanding that the development promoters of the plan ultimately ended up suing each other over financial issues."

Sheila Hill-Christian

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