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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barack Speaks - A Series

Platitudes Abound, News Disappears and Obama Speaks.

Lofty ideals flow from the mouth of Barack Obama. The silver tongued candidate has a knack for what the crowd wants to hear. He is long on hope and short on analysis and details. I share his hopes and dreams. Less war, more peace. Less guns, more butter. I recently refused to enter a gun store after viewing the display of automatic weapons. just to ask directions. I was afraid I would vomit, but Obama ignores the dirty little details of life. He seems to be in love with his own eloquence, which is a bad sign. I am unwilling to suspend disbelief, a common and recommended choice while watching a movie, but less commendable when selecting a president.

Prepare yourself for a series of short observations and quotes. As I hear them I will post them. Who needs 300 words. Barack can speak for himself and so can I. It should take no more than 50 words to pose the quesTion and answer it.

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