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Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Bomb Here, A Bomb There, Next Thing You Know We Have a Real Mess

See comment on Mephisto-Phil's site.

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Mephisto Phil said...

Paul, thanks for your comments and, just for the record, I do not support vandalism and malicious property damage as a means to an end under any circumstance. I also do not equate Wades actions with those of religious zealots that have no regard for human life. He was a misguided teen whose passion was greater than his maturity. It is that passion that I applaud and I'm happy that it still burns in him, even after being beat down by the federal penal system.

Paul Hammond said...

I secretly cheer when some of these projects burn, really, especially in delicate habitats like the Sonora Desert. I am extremely conflicted on this.

Yes, I think there is a difference too, but the lines are easily blurred.

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