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Monday, February 11, 2008

Desde' la Tierra de Cafe' y Coco

Just returning from the suburbs, not ours, but they are all the same, give or take a Bennigans and a TGI Fridays. I will say, these suburbs had palm trees, Cuban food, Carribean ice cream, and a bunch of kisses and hugs, which helps a lot. Things change, even in the land of Sunshine. La Ideal, the place I used to get Cuban Toast, Scrambled Eggs and Ham and a cup of Cafe con Leche for two bucks has been sold. My favorite gay Cuban, (I'm not sure whether he's just neat and happy, or otherwise persuaded.) Mario, is no longer there. Pipos still serves enough rice, beans and pork to feed two for ten bucks and Snack City still serves the best helado I've ever had. It is my hope to learn how to make it myself before the owners keel over, which I keep expecting to happen each time I visit. If you've never had Coco or Mango helado (spanish ice cream) you need to hurry down there and try it.

Well, I'm back from the safer, cleaner and warmer to the less safe, dirty and chilly and more or less glad of it. I now require family visits to Richmond by all those physically and financially able to make the trip. I will give them the Chamber of Commerce tour, bypassing MCV, if possible and the various nearby housing projects, and stick to Church Hill, the Fan, Hollywood Cemetary and the river. No use in scaring my mother unnecessarily. My sister does want to see Monroe Park. I think I'll take her there for breakfast on a Sunday. Its a pretty good deal and comes with an accordian band.

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