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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Little Harmless Mysogyny

A certain amount of ridicule has been heaped on those puritanical souls who object to "semi-nude" establishments in their neighborhood or across from a world class childrens museum. "Well, we know where daddy will be while little junior hits the IMAX" says Don Harrison. Boy, that's funny stuff. The ridicule continues.

"You know you are waiting for him to appear — that all-purpose mayoral candidate with the nimble fundraising touch, that all-around self-appointed morals czar who has taken the fate of the former Julian’s Restaurant as his personal crusade , the man who never saw a party he couldn’t patrol… here he is. Take it away, Mr. Bosnia:"

Well, I bet Mr. Bill feels pretty embarrassed. Actually seeking to protect his neighborhood and improve the quality of life. What a bozo. After all it's just a little harmless mysogyny and who wants to incur the wrath of Save Richmond.

This new club is only blocks from where Susanne Thompson was killed in broad daylight. The last thing we need is a new collection of creeps coming to our neighborhood and one less reason for families to live and visit here. Yeah, the law sounds stupid and absurd. These types of laws generally do and are easy to poke fun at till a "gentlemen's" club sets up business next to yours or in your neighborhood. Then all of a sudden it matters.

I will admit to my own puritanical streak. I think there is something maladjusted about an adult male who pays to have a "seminude, exotic" dancer meet his entertainment needs. Don't get me wrong. I think pretty girl is one of God's gifts and I'm not a religious man. It's just that there is soul inside each and every one of them and strip clubs are pretty soulless establishment. While not uninterested in the rest, the most beautiful parts of a woman's body are her face, eyes and smile.

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Bookstore Piet said...

Honestly, I could care less if someone wants to open a club. God forbid someone does something to bring people or revenue into the city... The real issue should be whether or not they are a good neighbour. The owners of Velvet have shown they might be someone you don't want doing business next to your home or by a children's venue (and it isn't because they removed the strange mural of Princess Diana). Gas-guzzling Hummers painted with bikinied strippers aside, between the spotlights and the curbside promotions (gorillas!) most people would not be happy to have them living next door. The sad part is that if they do open there is that they may spark draconian regulations that make businesses that are good neighbours relocate or never consider the city in the first place.

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