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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

Its really not my intention to use this spot as a counterpoint to River City Rapids, Save Richmond or anyplace else, but when I cannot leave comments there, I'm left with no choice but to take it here.

Jon makes good point in that parking downtown is difficult and confusing. The fact that I can walk to almost anywhere downtown, doesn't make me unsympathetic. especially when it is so unnecessary.

We know there is parking for 60,000 or more downtown. We know because they come dowtown every day on their way to work. The problem isn't supply, but convenience and knowledge. No one wants to walk 6 or 8 blocks, especially through downtown at night. With a little wisdom and planning those responsible for our downtown, the CDA, the "clean and friendly" team, the police, event organizers, the GRTC and God help us, even the Mayor, could assist patrons to find parking and then whisk them to the Coloseum, Center Stage, the National or anywhere else they needed to go. What is also needed is a downtown trolley similar to the lunchtime express that would take people to Shockoe Bottom, Broad Street or even Carytown. Maybe when (if) we get a new mayor who is geniunely interested in downtown, some of these simple common sense solutions will be implemented.

To see Jon's take on this go to RiverCityRapids.

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Bookstore Piet said...

Hey - Check out RVA Blogs. I think you are finally better than nothing...

Paul Hammond said...

Yes, I can't wait to tell my Mom.

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