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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anthony Bourdain Made Me Do It*

I feel the same way about liver that Andrew Zimmern feels about "stinky tofu", but in the spirit of the times I brought home a slab of liver and it sits waiting for me in the fridge. Foodie, somebody help me, please. Piet?

Anybody have a dog that likes liver?

*Spelling corrected thanks to JAH(previously referred to incorrectly as JB(not that JB)) :)

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Bookstore Piet said...

Slice the liver (I am assuming/hoping calves liver...) into thin slabs, salt and pepper an reserve. In a cast iron pan fry a couple of good pieces of bacon and some sliced mushrooms. when the bacon is about to get crispy push that and the mushrooms to the side of the pan. Add the slices of liver and sear on both sides. Remove all items to a warm plate and drain most of the remaining fat off. Deglaze pan with a little brandy, fire it up, add cream and reduce. Pour sauce over liver and mushrooms.

Doubt foodie will have any advice as he's a veggie and mrs foodie doesn't eat organ meat.

bon appetit!

jewellybug said...

Paula Deen will gladly help you out. go to Food Network.com -- or get some bacon, an onion & some flour, and you're in business.

vcncvbm said...

Tammy at Belmont Butchery could help you out with that recipe

Paul Hammond said...

Thanks Piet/All,

I may join Foodie sooner than I expect as a nonorganeater, but it seems a shame to waste all that stuff.

Paul Hammond said...

I have confirmed that if you add enough potatoes, onions and worcestershire sauce, you can make (almost) anything taste better.

I even have liver pancakes leftover for breakfast.

jewellybug said...

as St. Rachael Ray says, quote, "yum-o." unquote. btw she is available again. she & mr. whoever the sports figure DH is are splitsville. she's getting the dog. becuz he loves her back. he only loves himself.

** **