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Friday, March 07, 2008

Ellen Swallows Foot and Eats Crow

City Councilwoman, Ellen Robertson, had two very unpleasant meals back to back this week. Attacking perhaps the least guilty (so far) member of Mayor Wilder's starting team, she characterized CAO Sheila Hill-Christian as a criminal, handing the Mayor a great big club with which to beat her. Shortly after removing her foot from her mouth, she was consumed a big helping of crow, making things worse with a lame apology.

"I would never claim Sheila Hill-Christian to be a criminal. . . . I'm very sorry and I apologize that's printed in the paper that I am saying she is a criminal," I like Ellen Robertson and I blame the mayor (of course). I've watched her for since she was elected and have never seen her talk herself into a corner like this. I'm rooting for her to come back swinging. She's not the first person to be driven to apoplexy by (Larry) Douglas Wilder. Did I spell that right?

The Mayor on the other hand has promised to shoot first and ask questions later. Spokesman Linwood Norman declined to answer questions as to whether the Mayor carries a sidearm or whether his crack security detail would handle the job for him.

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