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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Some People the Glass Is Always Half Empty

I would think a public information officer would be better informed. Jon Baliles of RCR and the Wilder Administration complains of the lack of choices near 7th and Broad.

Downtown Dining Dilemma:

Allow me to make a couple points and a few suggestions.

  1. Suggest to your hapless diners the Lunch Time Express that makes the rounds of downtown and Shockoe Bottom every fifteen minutes passing 10 or 20 restaurants along the way.
  2. Cedars Restaurant at 106 N. Seventh St.
  3. Padow's Deli right inside City Hall. Go with them and pick up the tab. You can afford it now.
  4. If you do have a few minutes, walk down to Hidden Treasures at 219 East Clay Street. It lives up to it's name.
  5. When you get a minute of the Mayor's time, ask him to take a stroll of the neighborhood. You are in the enviable(?) position of enlightening hizzoner. He doesn't return my phone calls anymore, actually he never did, but I used to hear from Linwood Norman once upon a time.
  6. Put some energy and money into the old 6th Street Marketplace Food Court. Thousands of conventioneers and Coliseum patrons deserve a convenient place to eat. It's a captive audience and IMHO a no brainer (my expertise).
  7. Take daily walks around the neighborhood and I bet you'll find two or three more "hip" joints. I bet you find a new one getting to open any day. Take the Mayor there once they open and put it on the his tab. I bet they throw away the check.
  8. Give your guests every confidence that things are changing for the better, because they are. Downtown is changing before our eyes.
  9. Always wear comfortable shoes. A walk around downtown is good for the soul (sole?) and good for the heart.
  10. Always look on the bright side of life.

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Paul Hammond said...

Let me correct this long ago cheap shot against Jon Baliles. I let a grudge I had against the Mayor motivate me into this poorly considered post. I'm leaving this post online as an example of something I shouldn't have published.

** **