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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rush Linbaugh Really Is An Idiot

Al Franken knows it, you know it, I know it. The question is, Why does anybody care? Rush Limbaugh's favorite topic of conversation is himself and every time he says something press worthy, his net worth goes up. Anybody who takes him seriously just does not get it. He's in it for the cash and he's having the ride of a lifetime. His 2nd and 3rd favorite subjects are the Clintons and liberals, in no particular order. I stopped listening to him, even casually, many years ago, because he is SO God damned boring and worrying about the size or demographics of his audience is about as productive as worrying about who watches wrestling on TV, the Jerry Springer show and all those ridiculous courtroom shows, Judge Judy, Judge Reinhold and all the other judges. IMHO, there hasn't been a decent Judge show since Wopner was on the People Court.

End of story.

Next time, CSI and Law and Order.

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Bookstore Piet said...

Didn't Mr Oxycontin say a few years ago that all drug users should just be executed as they can never really be cured of their habits?...

Paul Hammond said...

Garrison Keilor, in one of his funnier moments, once said, "While a conservative may be a liberal who has been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who has been through rehab."

I'm not sure what happens to a liberal who gets mugged in rehab.

Bookstore Piet said...

When calling someone an idiot it may be wise to spell their name correctly... Just an observation. :)

Paul Hammond said...

See what BWI can lead to?

Really, the spelling part of my brain shut down sometime last year, probably during one of my apoplectic rages (note the double meaning), but sometimes leave them in just to give DH something to feel smug about.

Paul Hammond said...

This spelling correction courtesy of Danish bookstore owner and gourmand Bookstore Piet:

Rush Limbaugh is spelled with an "m".

jewellybug said...

rats. i was hoping to cash in on that little mistake. too little too late, the story of my life. and laundry is my life, for sure. i just made 12 cents doing 1 small load (of clothes). ;-o j.

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