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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Barack Called "articulate" - Keith Olbermann is Outraged

I knew Emanual Cleaver 20 years ago when he was a councilman in Kansas City, MO. Like most politicians he could put his foot in his mouth occasionally, but he was always known as a level headed, mild mannered person. He became the first black Mayor of majority white KCMO and went on to Congress, where he has assumed a low profile, till yesterday. Now he is accused of being a "surrogate of the Clinton campaign" and playing the race card. This works very well for the Obama campaign and is very sad. Anyone who attempts to discuss race in any rational manner is now accused of being a racist or a flunkie. So it goes. Here are a few of his remarks.

Democrat Barack Obama "is articulate. In the black tradition, he would probably be mediocre." "For white Americans, it's like, this guy can speak," Cleaver said in the radio interview. "If you put him on a level with a lot of other African-American public speakers, he may not even measure up.

Cleaver further said "many white Americans" see the Obama candidacy as a "chance to demonstrate that we have been able to get this boogeyman called race behind us" and will vote for him "whether he has credentials or not, whether he has any experience -- I think all that's out the window."

"If I had to make a prediction right now, I'd say Barack Obama is going to be the next president," Cleaver told Canadian public radio in an interview first aired on Sunday. "I will be stunned if he's not the next president of the United States."

If anybody can find the whole interview for me, I'd like to read it.

In a related store, here's reason number 8 on Why We Hate Bush dot com.

Bush is inarticulate and projects a stereotype abroad of Americans being ignorant and myopic.

Now I wear glasses and see nothing wrong with being myopic.

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Anonymous said...

You can find a full transcript of the 20 minute interview that Cleaver did with CBC radio as well as a link to the audio here:


Anonymous said...

i wonder what Alan Wheat has to say? --julie

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