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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Powdered Sugar Shortage Threatens Treasured Tradition

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Beignet Wednesday, is threatened by labor troubles at the Dole Sugar Works in Honalulu. Chef Nate has sought a waver on the Cuban Trade Embargo. Raul Casto himself, in a gesture of friendship, has air freighted a sack of Cuba's finest beignet grade powdered sugar, along with a case of cigars, to Richmond International Airport. It remains to be seen whether Homeland Security and ICE will clear the package in time for Beignet Day (formerly known as Hump Day).

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Paul Hammond said...

Update: 10:15 AM

In a breakthrough which is being compared to Ping Pong diplomacy, a bag of freshly milled powdered sugar arrived at RIC at 5:00 AM this morning. Cuban diplomats and photographers were not allowed to deboard, but the powdered sugar was delivered by the crack security detail of Mayor Wilder.

There is no word on the case of Bolívar - Belicosos Finos cigars and Añejo Blanco rum which Cuban sources say were delivered in the same shipment. Chef Nate says he doesn't have them and besides a no smoking policy, he doesn't have a ABC license.

Wilder spokesman Linwood Norman was not available for comment.

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