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Friday, April 04, 2008

Richmond Mourns Tyler Binsted, For a Little While

Richmond is trusted with the lives of thousands of young college student from around the state and around the world. We have treated that trust badly and to no ones surprise one of them has paid a steep price indeed. How do you explain this to their mothers and fathers? How do you look them in the eye?

We will forget this as we forget the others. The press will move on and so will the university. A precious few will not, till the next time.

Please add yours links, comments and condolences.

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Anonymous said...

How many of us even understand the prison culture and mentality that thrives on our streets?

It's beyond most people, yet it's as simple as the next violent felon that we put back on the street. Back into a struggling neighborhood packed with hopeless youths. He's the one who the kids will respect, and he's the one who teaches these youngsters how to "get money".

Keep his influence out and you might just make room for some better influences, like the schools and the parents.

We have laws to keep sex offenders from living near schools. Can't we also have laws to keep these violent ex-felon scumbags out of our most troubled, struggling neighborhoods?

Paul Hammond said...

I believe one of those arrested was a 17 year old. Whether his life and others like him can be saved remains to be seen.

There are people all over Richmond, teachers, parents and volunteers doing small things every day that are making a difference.

Step one is caring for those around you.

Step two is expanding that circle a little bit at a time.

Don't give up hope. It's our biggest weapon against fear.

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