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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This “Pantele Thing”

It's amazing he get's away with it. Bloggers everywhere simply link to Save Richmond and say "Way to go. Stick it to the man, Don." Almost no critical analysis is applied to his logic, which is a good thing, because there is very little.

  1. "City Councilman Bill Pantele was right at the center of the sleaze that spurred Richmond to directly elect its mayor".

    Well, no he wasn't. After constant challenges to produce his evidence, Don posted his "proof"on SlantBlog,
    "NOTHING in the affidavit says S2 was involved in wrongdoing"

    I guess this all depends on what the definition of "NOTHING" is.

  2. City Councilman Bill Pantele states that he intends to run his recently announced mayoral campaign on the idea that only he can bring honesty and integrity to the Richmond mayor’s office. You have to be kidding me.

    Don, Don, DON, no he is really serious, as am I. I will publish the first bit of evidence you have. I dared you on SlantBlog. I stand by it. If there is evidence, you should share it.

  3. "And doesn’t this disingenuous statement say boatloads "
    Boatloads? Nobody says boatloads anymore.

  4. "how a Mayor Pantele would actually embrace accountability?"
    Don, can YOU say Umesh Delal?

  5. " 'The Downtown Master Plan provides us with a good place to start,' Pantele tells Richmond voters on his campaign Web site, a less than definitive statement from" Mr. Bosnia.

    Don, the DMP is not LAW, it has no funding, it has no economic or environmental analysis. It is easily manipulated and it makes good press. When it's written and published, no one takes responsibility for it. They just use it as a club to beat their opponents over the head for the next twenty years. It is a good place to start. It's a plan, not a referendum, nor a substitute for common sense

  6. "As one of his opponents in the mayor’s race, Paul Goldman"
    Note the subtle insertion of a campaign plug for PG.
    (Update Don consumed PG in one sitting recently. According to Don, he was mighty tasty.)

  7. "All one has to do is to note"
    Thanks for the critical thinking Don. I don't view it as talking down to your audience. I view it as a public service.

  8. "Lastly"
    He doesn't really mean it. There's a 900 word minumum.

  9. "it’s ironic that the councilman should be so proud of how much money he’s raised so far and cite Richmond’s poor ethics at campaign stops"
    Non-Sequitor, look it up. To save you some time, "it does not follow" that campaign money = poor ethics. See Barack Obama.

  10. I'm sorry, what was I talking about? I was picking the meat off the bones of my old friend, Paul Goldman.

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