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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old Richmond Cemeteries

John M has been highlighting the sad state of Evergreen Cemetery on CHPN and on Je Ne Sais Pas. This brings to mind a few other historic cemeteries I have come across.

Shockoe Hill Cemetery between 2nd & 4th St & Hospital, resting place of John Marshall and Richmond’s first mayor, Dr. William Foushee.

There are several nice collections on Flickr

Also recently referenced on Richmond Bizsence is "oldest Jewish cemeteries in Virginia". Located at 21st and Franklin Streets is believed to be one of the first Jewish cemeteries in America, dating from 1790

There are two more Jewish cemeteries of note.

Cemetery for Hebrew Confederate Soldiers
The Hebrew Confederate cemetery on Shockoe Hill in Richmond, Virginia, is the only Jewish military cemetery in the world outside the state of Israel. The cemetery is maintained by Congregation Beth Ahabah.

Sir Moses Montefiore Cemetery. Montrose Heights
I don't know the history on this cemetery, but would appreciate any comments.

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