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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Louisiana Flair is Smokin '

While Tim Kaine and the legislature may disapprove, Chef Nate, is smoking a pig tonight. While he has been doing this for special occasions since last November, the City of Richmond has spoken and this will be his last pig roast on site. So if the idea of a slow smoked pork makes your mouth water,then stop by Louisiana Flair tomorrow for lunch. Don't expect any leftovers to be available for dinner. If that's not enough to make you hungry, tomorrow is Beignet Day. LF is still the only place I know in Richmond where you and get these tasty treats.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know he'd been smoking pigs! What did the City have to do with this?

Paul Hammond said...

Partly because he is set up on the sidewalk next. I don't know precise why, but Health Regs say this is verbotin. So I'm going to stop by and get mine today.

I must tell you, it looked mighty tasty last night.

** **