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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lifewithout a space bar

Mymousehas sprung tonew life,due to afreshsetof batteries, but my keyboard isstill on the fritz. I have decided this add a certain amount of entertainment to my writingand some creative spellingwhich I havealways had a certain talent with. Spellcheckwill be virtuallyuseless andIhavea certaintalent for usingsynomensthatarephonetically correct, but grammatically incorrect. Sometimes it adds an untindended twisttoan otherwise cleverlyworded comment.

One favorite ofminethatwasinno way related to keyboard malfunctionwas acommen Ilefton Sisyphus. There's a particulardifference betweenthe words interment andinternment whenreferring tothe fate of Japanese Americans during WWII.

OK,enoughofthissillines, fellowtravellers. Thanks for readingthis far or forthatmatter, even reading at all.

Farewell and Happy Trails.

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