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Monday, March 30, 2009

Treasures in the Basement

I'm taking a perfect Monday off and wasting in by cleaning out my storage locker in the basement. The last remaining box was full of glassware wrapped in newspaper. I assumed it had been sitting there gathering dust along with the musty old Tee shirts, camping equipment and holiday decorations since I moved in, 5 years ago. This box yielded the following items that I'm quite certain don't belong to me.

  • 4 cordial glasses,
  • 3 etched beer mugs
  • 1 Santa Clause beer stein
  • 1 Emmit Kelly miniature
  • 1 Emmit Kelly tin
  • 1 Silver clown piece, probably Emmit Kelly
  • 1 generic clown doll, Made in China
  • 2 glass stoppered oil vessels
  • 3 bronzed amberware pieces
  • 1 glass doorknob
  • 1 Mother and baby elephant glass sculpture, very nice

    and the last most interesting items,

  • 1 silver funeral urn, empty
  • 1 ceramic jewelry box containing a lock of hair

If it wasn't for the Emmit Kelly stuff, this would be a total mystery. That leads me to believe they belong to a former roommate who departed abruptly and unannounced. I'm calling the appraiser, then lining up an EBay auction. The silver urn ought to get me $50.

What's in your basement/attic?

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