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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Morning 2:00 AM

Last night I was visited by Bobby Hill, the first time I have every had a dream inhabited by an animated character from King of the Hill, the Simpsons or even Sleeping Beauty. I have unusual dreams at various times and they are distinguished by unusual details and unexpected plot twists. Rarely to I remember exactly what happened more than a few minutes after waking up and even rarer do I want to fully wake and record the details, but I remember my constant surprise of the tricks and creativity of my subconscious. I feel like character in a TV show I am producing, except that someone else keeps throwing in plot twists that I would never think of. I usually find myself in an novel situation wondering just how I'm going to deal with it.

Tonight my dream morphed into exploring a dusty basement I was inexplicably afraid to enter. I drove myself deeper trying to overcome my fears with reason, but was overwhelmed by physical terror that felt like wind against my face. I screamed, then screamed some more before I reached into the darkness to recover some items. One was a cane which I dropped and recovered, then reaching out once more across a ditch of some kind, I fell on top of a body. I couldn't tell whether my fear was greater if it was dead, which I hoped or if it was alive and would start moving, but my gut told me it was most likely dead, but still warm. Then a new companion told me what drove him (the dead body) over the edge. Some tragedy involving his daughter, then I awoke, partly grateful and partly disappointed that the story would end or go on without me. I never dream the same dream twice.

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