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Monday, April 27, 2009

My New Favorite Blog - News From Doswell

I look with genuine hostility at any new blogger that bursts onto RVA Blogs and starts cranking out one funny nose snort after another, especially when they make it look as easy as Dale Brumfield does. I suspect he is some kind of professional, but he claims to be a mild mannered insurance adjuster.

His website is full mock praise that he must need to pump up his fragile ego.
    • Brumfield is a modern-day Umberto Eco...
    • Move over Stephen King!

But this one takes the cake.

Don Harrison Interviews Dale Brumfield

I've limited myself to reading him only once every two weeks to cut down on my laundry bill and having to wipe the cafe con leche off my screen. Our IT guy is beginning to ask questions.

So if you accept my reluctant recommendation to visit News From Doswell, set down your coffee, swallow first and keep a towel handy, you will laugh and you may snort. Who knew Doswell was so funny? Who even knows where Doswell is? I prefer to think of it as a Brigadoon sort of place that only appears every 50 years. The last sighting was somewhere around 1956, which explains why I've never been there. Oh and buy his damn book(3 Buck Naked Commodes) too, which is being sold in 4 languages on three continents, because this is all just a clever marketing campaign to boost his profile on Amazon.com. If it doesn't have pictures, I'm sending mine back.

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Don Harrison said...

Paul: We have finally found our common ground. Dale Brumfield is one of the funniest humans on the planet. "News From Doswell" should be bookmarked with extreme prejudice.

Paul Hammond said...

"We have finally found our common ground"

A sure sign of the apocalypse.

Jocelyn Plums said...

I've been a fan of NewsFromDoswell since the first few posts. I hope to meet Dale someday, and challenge him to a long distance peeing contest.

thecheckoutgirl said...

yes! I am a big fan.

** **