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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 OCD Weblog Nominations

These awards are given to the Blogger or Weblog that has shown the single minded devotion to pursue one subject and and ride that pony till it's dead. I'm not sure what kind of marketing strategy that is. Do people come back to read the same old thing, over, and over, and over... Well, you get the idea.

1st nominee is F. T. Rea for SlantBlog/FDHub. Mr. Rea is a veteran writer can tackle any subject, but has devoted his considerable resources to stopping the Shockoe Bottom Ballpark. He has posted 12 times on this subject in 30 days. There are five more on the corollary theme of CenterStage.


This is just SlantBlog. Mr. Rea is a triple play threat. He crossposts on the Fan District Hub, in addition to his article on Richmond.Com.

FD Hub:

2nd Nominee - Scott Burger for his dogged opposition to almost everything and his terse, persistant comments found almost everywhere.

3rd Nominee: - Shockoe Bottom Dweller - This prolific commenter can be found in abundance on River District News warning of impending disaster, swindles in the making and overbuilt high end condos in Shockoe Bottom. Comments can number from 10 to 20 on any given post and is unshakable in his convictions.

4th Nominee: - Don Harrison of Save Richmond - Save Richmond is a local institution and while nobody has ever seen him in public, Don Harrison has been persecuting the Richmond establishment going on five years. His subject matter is exclusively the dismal state of affairs in politics and entertainment. No elected politican is safe from his sarcastic wit. He also is capable of consuming his own as noted by his lastest flaying of old friend Paul Goldman. What he lacks in clarity, he makes up for in volume and hyperlinks. Click here for his latest tome.

Also considered for nomination was Joe Richmond, frequent commenter at CHPN and River District News. Joe was known for his catchy screen name and teamwork with Shockoe Bottom Dweller, but seems to have lost interest lately.

The selection committee is locked away in an undisclosed location. Members of the committe serve anonymously and make no claims of objectivity.

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Mariane said...

I saw Don Harrison once.

Paul Hammond said...

Come to think of it, I saw him at Olive Garden last week.

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