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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baseball Talk Heats Up

  • Nolan Ryan May Invest In Team

    Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan's Texas-based baseball business is sending representatives to Richmond this week to investigate possible ownership of the Eastern League franchise that is to move here next season. Also, more than one Double-A Eastern League franchise wants to relocate to Richmond, sources recently confirmed.

    Now maybe we can stop talking about Brian Bostwick and the Norwich Defenders, not that there's anything wrong with either.

  • Shockoe Bottom Area Adding Apartments

    The common perception is the Shockoe Bottom Area is overbuilt with apartments and condos. The RTD reports that occupancy is high and there is a strong demand for new ones. VCU Medical Center students and employees provide a ready market. "Raven Place Apartments opened last summand and are almost fully occupied." Shockoe Center is seen as the key to future success.

    Brian White of Historic Richmond says, "I think if Shockoe Center happens, then this neighborhood becomes the center of the universe."

  • Short Pump

    Paul Woody's column chooses Short Pump as the best site for baseball.

    The Short Pump area in Henrico County makes the most sense for the region.

    The stadium in Shockoe Bottom is supposed to serve as the anchor around which condominiums, a hotel, retail shops and restaurants will be built.
    Those things already exist in Short Pump.

    Paul, Paul, Paul (Someone once said that to me.), I know you are very tired of all this bickering, but Short Pump? How about Oilville?

    This is what we are looking at folks. Shockoe Bottom fans, anti sprawl activists, it's time to let your voice be heard. The Mayor, the City Council and the media need to know what you think.

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