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Monday, May 25, 2009

Today In History* - 2009-05-25

Scraped from the headlines of the Richmond Times Dispatch.

UVA wins ACC baseball tournament at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, NC.

I caught parts of the tournament and noted the thousands of people visiting Durham on a mild spring day. Those condo towers looking down on center field reminded me of another project. Now if they could only ban aluminum bats.


Shad Not Making a Comeback

By Rex Springston

Rex details the troubled history of Virginia's native fish, the shad. While I find them inedible, shad have kept Indians, settlers and politicians fed for centuries. Shad live in the ocean and spawn in freshwater rivers similar to salmon. Upriver dams, pollution and overfishing have devasted the shad population. In recent decades dams have been breached and commercial fishing has been outlawed, but the shad population remains threatened. They have been stubbornly resistant to the efforts to restore them. This is a piece of natural history we can't afford to lose.

Rex Springston is one of my favorite reporters. He keeps me informed of the latest falcon sightings and is the environmental/outdoors reporters for the RTD.

Taliban Cruelty On Display

The Taliban left so many bodies hanging at a crossroads it has been named "Bloody Intersection", all done in the name of Allah, the Just, the Merciful, the Forgiving.

Track Brings Fitness to the Community

Middle School Teacher, Elizabeth Wamsley, took matters into her own hands when her students didn't have a safe place to run. She led a drive, backed by local businesses, to build a new 1/5 mile track at Salem Church Middle School. Wamsley has been working to improve the fitness level of her students and has recently been named Teacher of the Year for her efforts.

Britain's Got Talent

Boyle Remains Plain and Simple - Her voice continues to soar.

Susan Boyle continues to amaze. I suspected she would resist a makeover. After 47 years, she is comfortable in her skin. Her voice remains stunning. How that stodgy old body creates those soaring vocals is beyond amazing. Some things should just be enjoyed, not analyzed.

*Today in history refers to the history being made today, not some aatronomically related time in the past.

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