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Saturday, June 06, 2009

10 Things You Can Do With Newspapers

besides read them.

  1. Paper Mache - Just try making a globe for your kid's school project without one.
  2. Bird Cage Liners
  3. Historic Headlines: In my world these capture moments in time.

    • Kennedy Shot

    • Obama Elected

    • Japanese Surrender

    • Dog bedding at your local shelter.
    • Obituaries*
    • Wedding Announcements*
    • Painting Accesories
    • Crossword Puzzles - When was the last time you did a puzzle online?
    • Origami
    • Paper Hats

    *5 and 6 are more for the people writing them than reading them and therefore qualify.

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    Anonymous said...
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    Paul Hammond said...

    Thanks Anon for all the nice commenets. I prefer most comments to be signed.


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