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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Danger to Myself and Others

My only superpower is to bring small disasters to those around me. The earth doesn't cave in and they aren't struck by lightning, but normal, ordinary folks drop things, computers break and memories fail. These are intelligent, coordinated people, but my proximity alters something in the atmosphere and they become confused and clumsy. I have no control over this. I am one of the X-men. It is a miracle I have never been seriously injured. There have been minor incidents involving fishing hooks and construction sites that only resulted in short trips to the emergency room. There was one incident with a "softball" which I don't care to discuss. I am like that cheerleader from Heroes, the indestructable one who couldn't be killed, but I haven't demonstrated that to my satisfaction.

If the government ever learns of this I am in trouble. My powers should not fall into the wrong hands. Dams would break, comedians would become unfunny and regimes would fall. I am told I should use my powers for good, but I would rather live my life as Clark Kent, than Superman. My true role model is Underdog who gets Sweet Polly Purebred in the end.

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