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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dems on the Dole

Now don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are Democrats. So are most of my family and I have voted for many of them, including Jimmy Carter twice and Bill Clinton the 2nd time. Above me sits my sacred poster of George McGovern I saved from the '72 campaign. He's so darn friendly and these guys live forever, look at Jimmy Carter. But here's the deal. Why should I or or anyone else pay hundreds of poll workers across the state to sit on their elbows all day so that 6% of the registered Democrats can pick their candidate for Governor? What's up with that? Last I heard the Democratic Party was a private organization. Nowhere in the constitution does is mention political parties and how we have been duped into paying for their primaries is a mystery. There has got to be some kind of constitutional issue here. The Republicans on the other hand had the consideration to have a convention and pump some money into the local economy. I think Tim Kaine (Tim?) should send his own party the bill for this election. It's only fair and it would make nearly everyone drop dead with shock. Talk about a publicity stunt. It could be the first move of the 2012 election season.

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