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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HOPE For The Homeless

Fan District Hub tells the story of Richmond's police out reach to the homeless.
There is a segment of the city’s population that requires a different type of community policing. That is Richmond’s homeless community.

The Richmond Police HOPE Unit makes its mission to police, serve and protect this vulnerable population. HOPE stands for Homeless Outreach Partnership and Enforcement.

“It’s a focused approach to policing that is needed in urban communities,” said Sgt. Shane Waite, who heads the unit of three police officers and a City Department of Social Services social work specialist dedicated to homeless services...

I hope they can serve those who want and need help and clear the street of those only interested in a free lunch or handout. Harsh? I don't think so. Helping people continue a cycle of helplessness pushes them into a vicious cycle that leads to violence, abuse and crime, both against the homeless and everyone else.

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