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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paul Goldman, Man of Ideas*

Has this man ever had an idea he didn't like. I think not. I think he likes ideas less for their own sake than because he thought of them. Just think if he had been elected Mayor. Governor Moonbeam indeed. He would be the Svengali of City Hall. His last two great ideas didn't work out so well, the new City Charter, and our illustrious former Mayor. After being thrown under the bus along with half of the city administration he hit the ground running, cranking out a couple thousand words whenever the mood stikes him, which is quite often. It seems there is quite a demand for writers that can churn out online copy, especially if you've got a bit of a reputation as a loose cannon.

Someone as loquacious as PG makes a few enemies along the way, first the Mayor and more recently he was thrown under the bus by none other than Don Harrison who has no qualms about dispatching friends when it suits him. Paul's sin was to say something nice about the Mayor without checking with Don who had recently castrated him. It seems like a divorce of convenience. I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul, Don and Doug all downing a few brews over at Legends while they plan their next bright idea. There is a certain genius to being able throw your own ideas overboard and just make things up as you go along. You add two and two and two together and get seven. It's called fuzzy math and besides who's counting.

To see Paul Goldman's latest blockbuster, see his blog on Style's website. This is one idea nobody though of, ... for good reason.

*Update: Paul's blog has been upgraded to a full blown back page article which means Style will publish anything. More on that later.

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Paul Hammond said...

Coming from you, Joc, that's quite a compliment.

** **