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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Human Antenna

I've been doing the human antenna dance for about two weeks. If I sit in the middle of my couch I get some channels, if I raise my arm I get another, some days I get one channel or they come in pixelated about 10 seconds at time. Online research revealed antenna from $15 to $99. Since there are some new 1080 public TV channels that I only get teased with I was ready to hit Best Buy and fork over $40 for a decent antenna. Ah, but I forgot the power of Big Lots!, my favorite store. I stop in there for really strange food items, cheap DVDs and the impulse purchase and what do I see in the electronics aisle? A $3 set of rabbit ears and UHF antenna, just like the one that really didn't work that well back in the 70's. Well this one works like a champ. I have 16 broadcast channels, including 2 each from the major networks, 4 public TV channels, 3 religious broadcasters, UPN, Fox and something called THis. I still don't like to sit still on the couch and watch for long, but it makes me feel better knowing it's there. I like having TV. I just don't like to watch it.

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