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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paul Goldman Strikes Again*

Paul Goldman is back on the Back Page this week. I knew something was up when my hits doubled yesterday and most of the searches were for Ukrops, a subject I recently discussed. Ukrops future is hardly worthy of back page attention and seems to be a segway to score points from his failed mayoral campaign. In between lauding them, faulting them and lauding them again, he brings up the lack of reform in city government, poor schools and and job loss. I always scratch my head when PG talks reform as if he didn't help write and implement our new city charter. As if the past four years of hell didn't happen and we actually had to write an amendment that "the Mayor MUST follow the law." And didn't he just defend the Mayor elsewhere? I guess being thrown under the bus twice absolves you of all sins. His closing statement says it all... "city leaders are satisfied with mediocrity." If only Paul didn't pull out of the Mayor's race after polling in the single digits, he could have changed all that. As always Paul uses a lot of words to say what could have been said in a few words, "It should have been me."

As expected, the Donald (thanks Paul) is wetting his pants over this.

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