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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rex Springston and the James River

RTD photo by P. Kevin Morley

My RTD comes to my doorstep rain or shine whether I pay or not. Who am I to question this gift from my past. I believe I have earned a free subscription. As payment I actually read and and now am going to write about it.

Rex Springston updates his regular feature, The James River Journal. Rex, is one of my favorite RTD reporters. He keeps us in touch with the natural beauty of Virginia. There's no one else in Richmond giving us this up close and personal view of the river. Yesterday's piece documents the headwaters of the James in the Allegheny Mountains. This is a remote place where few live and the river runs clear, mostly. It is worth reading this article to get a perspective on the many faces of the James. Some people think it begins and ends with the city of Richmond, but it is really the river that defines our state, once once navigable to Buchanan and the Blue Ridge Mountains. A dream on mine is to one day travel the length of the James, from it's source to Chesapeake Bay. Then I will feel like I have really seen this state.

For a slide show visit the RTD website
Great photos by P. Kevin Morley, narration by Rex, with sound effects by the James River.

Previous editions of the James River Jounal can be found there as well.

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