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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Road to Damascus 3: Lost In Lynchburg

I've had a change of heart. Pictures be damned. I'll get them online after I get home. Here's my story and I'm sticking it.

Thursday July 23, 2:00 PM

I stopped in Lynchburg on the way to Damascus, one of my favorite places in the Virginia. I stopped at the same place on my last trip, the White Hart Cafe in Old Town. This place impacted my blogging career in a couple ways. I did my first remote blogging from there. My trip was online before I got to the next city. Back then this was strictly for family consumption. Secondly, the beignets I had at White Hart motivated me to start a campaign to save beignets in Richmond. I had a lot of fun with it and made a tiny little difference to the city. Just the kind of thing I like to do. White Hart is a nice place, with a bookstore next door. Ed, the owner, remembers me after 18 months.

My goal today is to sell my Bianchi touring bike in Blacksburg, which means I can't stay too long. Still, I want to poke around a bit while I am here. A mile or so up the road I see this interesting place on a bluff near the James. The banks here are very steep and the houses here cling to the hillside.

[picture here]
(Imagine painted stone houses on the hillside)

I try finding my way towards Roanoke, but stop and ask directions at a small 8 x 10 shack in a florist's parking lot. There is a face in the window that looks helpful. This turned out to be Bernadette's of Bernadette's Take Out. Bernadette and her partner debated for 10 minutes the best way out of town. Street names and highways are not their strong suit, but Bernadette loves to talk, cook, and talk about cooking. I like those things too, so next thing you know I've got a box of roast beef, green beans and macaroni in case I get lost. Here's Bernadette and her friend. She would like it if you kindly dropped at her fourth street store. Macaroni and some seriously sweet tea await you.

[picture here]
(Imagine Bernadette in her palace)

I took off in the general direction they pointed me in till I came across Lynchburg stadium , Home of the Single A Hillcats. It's a hybrid park, part original old fashioned park and part new covered grandstand. Teen leagues from all over the U.S. are in town to start their world series tomorrow. The Hillcats are in town tonight. Too bad I can stay for the game. It would be the best part of my trip, but Blacksburg was calling. Thirty minutes later I found my way out of Lynchburg on 460. I like this place. It's a small city with some charm that I have passed through twice. The have a waterfront similar to Richmond, with a big island, picnic area, bike and walking paths.

I'm on to Blacksburg where the deal falls through. I now have to carry two bikes for the rest of the trip. Anyone want to buy a Bianchi Volpe, fully tricked out in travel gear? Scott? It is fully loaded for your cross State trip on Hwy 58. I'd do it myself, but you know, I'm kinda busy.

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Ed Hopkins said...

Thanks for coming by the White Hart. Hope to see you again soon.

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