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Friday, July 24, 2009

TRTD 5: Motel 6 at the End of the Universe

I'm staying at my favorite Motel 6, exit 73, I81, Wytheville, VA, just one hour from Damascus. I've been chasing my tail since leaving Lynchburg.

Strike One.
A potential buyer in Blacksburg backed out of a deal to buy my Bianchi Volpe. That was $600 I had already spent and the excuse for making this trip.

Strike Two
The 30 minute trip to Floyd took an hour. The food was bad, the music was bad, and there was no one to talk to. I met more colorful people in Lynchburg.

Base hit
After going 0 and 2, I managed a single. I made my freeway exit (73), got a cheap room at Motel 6 (thanks Tom) and paid the extra $2.99 for WiFi. If I could only get the taste of that awful hummus out of my mouth things would be perfect.
Tomorrow, Damascus, my own personal Brigadoon.
Update: It is today. I leave for Damascus shortly with the taste hummus still hanging in my mouth, but a waffle house across the street. There's nothing that coffee and a waffle can't cure.

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