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Sunday, July 26, 2009

TRTD 9: Pictures From the Road

Great trip. I met lots of nice people, had great conversations and made it back safely. Some of the people I have to thank.

  • Ed from White Hart for remembering me.
  • Bernadette for treating me like family and loading me up with roast beef, green beans, macaroni and cheese and a corn muffin. God bless you. I hope I get back soon.
  • Suzanne, from the Hiker's Inn for giving me sheets, pillow and a towel to use at someone else's hostel. (The Hikers Inn was booked up, but I recommend it. $20 a night for a comfortable bed and a safe place to stay.)
  • The bike mechanic at Adventure Damascus for the last minute adjustments to my bike, free of charge.
  • Elsa, for charming me all the way up the mountain. Thanks for your encouragement.
  • MoJoes Cafe for the great coffee and free house computer.
  • The Damascus Subway for keeping me fed on the trail and holding my keys till I got back.
  • The State Highway Patrol for not pulling me over when I passed them going 75.
  • The "rails to trails" folks for creating such a great recreational spot.

    Here's the slide show. It works like a VCR. Hover over picture to control speed.

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Carolyn Hietala said...

...what a lovely trip ;0)

** **