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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two States in One - South Dakota and Wyoming

I hope you'll understand, but I still have 3 states to go and a few days to get this done so I am combining my tribute to South Dakota and Wyoming into one post. Since South Dakota and Wyoming are virtually indistinguishable and share a common border, they can effectively be considered one state.

South Dakota and Wyoming share many traits.

Fun Facts about South Dakota

  • The capital of South Dakota, Pierre, is pronounced like "pier", not "pee air". Local residents will appreciate your correct pronunciation.
  • South Dakota was once home to Visitors to a dog-sized camel, three-toed horse and saber-toothed cat.
  • The Sturgis Biker Rally attracts bikers from all fifty states (like this blog) and forty foreign countries, effectively doubling its population for two weeks each summer
  • The Crazy Horse monument is expected to be complete in the year 2113 in time for his 300th birthday.

Fun Facts about Wyoming*

* There are no fun facts about Wyoming, sorry.


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