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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knock Me Over With a Feather

Thank God for Twitter. I'd hate to hear this news second hand. I hated to hear it at all, but there it was, "Don Harrison, our new Arts & Culture Editor" straight from @StyleWeekly. I almost fell out of my chair. I'm still shaking my head. I've made a small career out of Save Richmond and now he invades my favorite weekly? I feel like I just lost a relative. What to do... nothing really, just move on.

I have all kinds of differences with Style that I only occasionally mention. Style has its style and I have mine. They seem to be doing pretty good with theirs, I go with what works for me. Reality checking Don Harrison is my job. Why, because no one else is doing it. Why someone with that much influence in this town doesn't have someone else on his tail is a mystery to me. I decided I had to. Someone should.

I wish him success in his new venture. Who knows, maybe I'll enjoy it, maybe not. At the very least I'll have something to write about.

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whinemedineme said...

i, for one, am thrilled. i think he is going to be a great addition.

Sean said...

Who is your reality check? You need one bad.

Paul Hammond said...

"Who is your reality check?"

Do you want the job Sean?

Wardell said...

Don't quit your day job!

Paul Hammond said...

Too late Wardell, my day job is blissfully behind me.

Jeff E. said...

It's going to be funny how little Style will mention any of the shows at the Performing Arts Center.. that is unless it fails miserably and then we'll have to deal with weeks of them patting themselves on the back. I get nauseous thinking about it.

Jason Roop said...

Jeff E.: I'm writing to respond to your post. Actually, I think I broke the story about the new Broadway season in Richmond on StyleWeekly.com. So you could say that Style was the first to write about shows at the soon-to-open CenterStage. I think I also broke the news on Twitter about two other shows at CenterStage happening after the grand opening. We plan to write many more, just as we have covered the CenterStage tenants -- ballet, symphony, opera, Richmond Shakespeare -- for more than 25 years. Proud to have Don with us.

Paul Hammond said...


Just got your press release. Interesting news about Don leaving Save Richmond. Looks like a couple parting shots in today's edition.

Answers From Center Stage

20 Questions

There is no way Style cannot cover CenterStage. It will be interesting to track the tone and nature of that coverage.

I already see the effect of CenterStage blocks away. I count four new renovations Grace Street between 4th and Foushee. I expect we will hear about more in the coming months.

Jason Roop said...

Hmm. How are those parting shots? They're just questions and answers. Interesting and important information for all Richmond taxpayers and arts lovers.

Jeff E. said...

Jason, I'm glad to see that Style won't try to act as a force for the failure of CenterStage even though it was a big opponent to the way it was funded and run (as was I). That's in the past and the success of that stretch of Grace Street means much to the City as a whole. I'll need to tone down my Style Weekly stereotyping in the future :)

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