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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday Morning

Nothing profound to say. It's an ordinary Saturday morning here. It's been threatening to rain, but not much so far. The sun keeps wanting to peek through, but I think eventually were going to get a good soaking. This is too bad, because it ineveitably rains on someones parade. Today there is the Fish Fesitival down on the 14th Street Bridge, better known as the Mayo Bridge. I'm going to try to get down there before it gets rained out. One of the clubs down there is doing an Oyster Festival, which though completely unrelated, kind of fits in with the theme. Just up the street a community garden project is getting kicked off. I'd like to help, I should, but I'm suffering from a lack of motivation. I think I'd rather munch on some fish and oysters today.

My gym is having a grand opening Gala tonight which includes free food and drinks. They have turned that old building into a first class facility. I've even grown used to the godawful color scheme on the inside. I guess you can get used to anything. The best part are the expanded exercise classrooms. For the same price I am getting twice the gym, so I'm happy about that, plus its nice to have a great facility like this in the nieghborhood.

After that I think I'll take in "The Aviator" at The Byrd Theatre. I've spent the last few weekends running around Washington DC. It will be nice to stick around town and enjoy what Richmond has to offer. Tomorrow I get to stay home and sort out my music library. One exciting thing after another.



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