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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Restaurant Road

This will be a list of cafe's, bars, and restaurants located along Main Street in the Fan. The Fan lies just west of downtown where the city streets hit a diamond shaped park and fan out in all directions. It is a warren of narrow streets lined with row houses, apartments and small businesses and represents one of the best preserved neighborhoods in the city. Main Street is one of the few through streets not populated with stop signs, so it is the preferred way to travel west through the Fan. There are no major commercial developments and only one franchise. This leaves an interesting collections of independent bars, restaurants and cafe's. There are so many different ones that I thought it would be interesting to list them all, starting from the east and moving west.

1. Piccolo Italy
2. Roxy Café
3. China Dragon
4. Sweet Peas
5. Papa John’s
6. Puddinheads
7. Café Mandolin
8. Sven Shine Inn – Brick Oven Pizza
9. Mulligan’s Sports Bar
10. The Border
11. Baja Bean Company
12. Six Burner
13. The Dogwood Grill
14. S & S Catering
15. Fujian Chinese
16. Bacchus
17. The European Market
18. The Sidewalk Café
19. Stella’s – Greek
20. Sticky Rice – Sushi
21. Mainly Pasta
22. The White Dog
23. Easy Street
24. Davis & Main
25. 3 Monkeys
26. Helen’s
27. Starlite Café
28. Avalon
29. Bamboo
30. Martini's Bubble Bar and Kitchen (Opening Soon)

There are probably as more restaurants on the side streets, sprinkled throughout the fan. Robinson Street and Broad also have concentrations of restaurants, then there's Carytown, but that's another post.

Bon Apetite!

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