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Friday, July 01, 2005

Hizzoner?, the Mayor

Letter to the Editor, published 6/30/05 Richmond Times Dispatch as writter. Blue highlighted sections were edited out by the paper.

I shocked by the poll results you published on Mayor Wilder’s performance. Considering his track record so far I find this very puzzling.
Here’s a few highlights.
1. Cancelled security screen at entrance to City Hall to finance his own 24 security detail.

2. Hired a personal advisor at a salary of over $100,000.

3. Hired his nephew, bypassing normal City Hall personnel regulations.

4. Rented an apartment in Richmond from convicted real estate developer H. Louis Salomonsky to establish residency for his mayoral bid.

5. Not only opposed a new ballpark and performing arts center, but personally attacked developers and boosters who proposed them.

6. Manufactured a budget crisis with the City Council.

7. Slashed spending on city schools in his own budget.

8. Reneged on the city’s financial obligations in his budget proposal.

9. Before he even chose to run for mayor was instrumental in diverting a major slave museum from Richmond to developers in Fredericksburg.

All this coming from a guy who proposed a new day in city hall, an end to corruption and cronyism. Very puzzling indeed.

Paul Hammond

Downtown Richmond, VA

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