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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Valley of the Soul

Life goes on and tradegies occur whether we are watching or not. As I was gliding out of town on Saturday an disabled woman was stabbed and killed in broad daylight just 2 miles from where I live. This happened on the busies road in town, Broad Street at 9:00 in the morning next to the DMV and near the Science Museum. She was walking her dog and a deranged street person ended her life. Her name was Susanne Thompson and lived in an assisted living facility nearby. I visited this facility yesterday and left flowers. The residents were busy at dinner. Life goes on, I guess, but not for me. I am going to stop and remember this person. I am going to make sure she is remembered. Walking is the lifesblood of this community. We are in shock. I want to make sure something is done as a community to remember this event before we go back into denial. We have been living with a dangerous mix of homeless, mentally ill, drug addicted side by side with students and families. It was just a matter of time.

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